Meetings and Conferences

2023 October, Vancouver

IFIGS AGM Materials IFIGS Proxy Form 2023 IFIGS Conference Agenda IFIGS Conference Attendees List Conference Presentation Materials Workshop Materials

2022 December, Kuala Lumpur

IFIGS AGM Materials IFIGS Proxy Form 2022 IFIGS Conference Agenda Conference Presentation Materials

2021 December, Virtual General Meeting

Changing Financial Landscape_FSI_Rodrigo Coelho Update on IAIS Resolution Working Group Work_IAIS_Alex Hart

2021 July, IFIGS-WB Knowledge Sharing Webinar

0_1_Insurance Industry-Global Outlook, Recent Challenges and IGS_WB_Serap Oguz Gonulal 1_1_Supervisory Philosophy and Policyholder Protection Plans_WB_Lawrie Savage 1_2_Introduction to Insurance Guarantee Schemes and IFIGS_IFIGS_Alister Campbell 2_1_Effective Resolution Regimes-Who, What, When and How_WB_Mete Can Eris 2_2_Life Insurance Company Resolution Case_IFIGS_Seungkon Oh 2_3_Non-life Insurance Company Resolution Case_IFIGS_Torben Weiss Garne

2020 December, Virtual General Meeting

Continuing Work on Insurance Guarantee Scheme_EIOPA_Dr. Juan Zschiesche Sanchez IAIS Update on Resolution Work_IAIS_Alex Hart

2020 July, IFIGS-PIDM Webinar

0_Opening Remarks_IFIGS_Alister Campbell 1_1_Insurance Regulatory Measures in Response to COVID-19_FSI_Jeffery Yong 1_2_Further Regulatory Measures to be Expected_IAIS_Hanne Van Voorden 2_1_Overview of IFIGS Member Responses to the COVID-19 Survey_IFIGS_Yangig Cho 3_1_Panel_COVID-19 and Business Outlook for Insurers_Actuarial Partners Consulting_Zainal Abidin 3_2_Panel_Implications of COVID-19 on Global Insurance Markets_Swiss Re_Nikhil da Victoria Lobo and Jacqueline Higgins

2019 December, Washington DC

IFIGS presentation – EIOPA Harmonisation of IGSs in the EU-IFIGS seminar Dec19-Dimitris Zafeiris IFIGS presentation on FSAP-Mimi Ho IFIGS presentation- International Cross Border Settlements-Assuris-Gordon Dunning IFIGS presentation-Multi-State Regulatory Cooperation to Solve a National Problem-David Wilson IFIGS presentation-Resolution Planning –Obtaining Key Risk Information and Enhancing Solvent Resolution-Assuris-Josee Rheault Members General Meeting-ISG – Work Plan_revised Members General Meeting-WG Outreach Members-Joerg Westphal Members General Meeting-Profile Enhancement WG – IGS-Alex Kuczynski Members General Meeting-Insurance Guarantee Scheme in Korea and its Challenges-Yangig Cho-KDIC

2019 May, Taipei

IFIGS presentation – Protecting the Insurance Promise Promotes Stable Economies -Roger H. Schmelzer IFIGS presentation – Li-ling-Wang IFIGS presentation –Creating Value inTimes of Peace; The role of a Compensation Fund in a period of stability – Alister Campbell IFIGS presentation –Resolution and Regulation in the United States-Chad Anderson IFIGS presentation –Resolution Planning – Improving Resolvability and Enhancing Resolution-Josee Rheault IFIGS presentation –Recovery and resolution planning for insurers;Legal and practical issues in Romania-Cristina Neacsu IFIGS presentation –Trend in Solvency Regulations in Japan-Nobuyasu Uemura IFIGS presentation –Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) practices of Insurers in Singapore-Frank Dubois IFIGS presentation –Resolution Readiness: Charting the Future-Melvin Lim Chee Weng IFIGS presentation –Insurance Guaranty Scheme in Taiwan: Retrospect and Prospect-Hermes SZ. Yang IFIGS presentation –The German Life-IGS From Run-off to Transferring: Experiences and Vision of German IGS-Jorg Westphal IFIGS presentation –Emerging Risk Areas in Insurance-Mamiko Yokoi-Arai

2018 October, Bucharest

IFIGS presentation – A systemic risk perspective for IGFSs; Safeguard financial stability and economic growth -Adrian Mitroi – Romania IFIGS presentation – PIDM’s evolving role in the financial education landscape – Afiza Abdullah – Malaysia IFIGS presentation – Guarantee Scheme in Korea; The present and the future – Hyung Su Sohn, Sangjae Lee – Korea IFIGS presentation – Overcoming the challenges of cross-border cooperation; Case study Romania – Hungary – Carmen Radu, Cristina Neacsu – Romania IFIGS presentation – Insurance Staff Professional Development – the best way to educate consumers – Calin Rangu – Romania IFIGS Presentation – The Romanian Insurance Lanscape – Adrian Marin – Romania A conversation with Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA


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